'Forty' exhibition on at the Holding Space, Saltaire, now!

Hi all

After a fantastic turn out to the launch of my ‘Forty’ exhibition as part of the Saltaire Festival 2018, I am hard at work at completing the project! I am shooting ‘models’ until the end of the year!

Please get in touch if you are forty years old in 2018, and are interested in taking part.

Also, please catch the exhibition whilst you can: on at the Holding Space, John Street, Saltaire, BD18 3HU (opposite the entrance of Wycliffe CoE Primary School).

See you there!


'Forty' - Shychetype No 5 - Katie Phillips

I am Katie. I am forty. This is forty.

DOB: 26.12.78


It was the mid-point of my second year at uni, that my lecturers realised I was struggling and it was at that point that they sent me for a dyslexia test. I realised it wasn't me not trying hard enough, I had severe dyslexia. I wasn't thick, I had an intelligent IQ, I just couldn't relay it in words in writing.... My happiness with achieving my degree and then my MA was more of a 'I'll show you all, I can do it.' People would go 'oh you're a bit special' in that derogatory term, well actually I want to be 'special', I want to be unique, I'm authentically me.... I see things in patterns, sometimes coloured patterns.

I have a great fascination with Japan...


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'Forty' - Shychetype No 3 - Emma Bonfield

I am Emma. I am forty. This is forty.

DOB: 30 March 1978

"Giving birth... I was elated because we had waited so long for him. He's an IVF baby so we waited a long time, that's a very nice memory. 

Jesus is my super hero...
Spring is my favourite season of the year...
Taste is my favourite sense because chocolate exists...
My favourite texture is anything furry..." 

"There's a particular visual I've got in my head... Khaleesi from Games of Thrones is the 'Mother of Dragons...' In one episode she's given dragon eggs as a wedding gift... they hatch... 

With yourself, I was thinking about IVF and how eggs are fertilised to make a baby. Also you mentioned Spring and Easter happens around then and we are given chocolate eggs as a gift... Also because Easter is a Christian holiday and that is part of your faith, I feel this would really work well."




Emma Bonfield

'Forty' - Shychetype No 2 - Amina Ahmed

I am Amina. I am forty. This is forty.

DOB: 05 May 1978


"I'm a cancer survivor... My mum's words were... "You can't control that, it's a label - you have cancer. The only thing you have control of is how you spend the time you have... If you spend it crying and upset and asking 'why me', when you're time comes... and you're looking back on your time... you're going to regret crying your time away..." I cried then and that was it, I moved on. That pearl of wisdom... I've passed onto my patients."




Amina Ahmed

'Forty' - Shychetype No 1 - Chris and Lucy Hall

 We are Chris and Lucy. We are forty. This is forty.

Chris D.O.B = 12.06.78 Lucy D.O.B = 02.06.78

With the upcoming launch of the first twenty images from my 'Forty' project at the Saltaire Festival this year, I wanted to officially release the first image from my collection.

Drawing upon several influences, including Carl Jung's 'The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious'; he believed that universal, mythic characters—archetypes—reside within the collective unconscious of people the world over. These universal primordial images and ideas, or archetypes, manifest into a set of shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society. 

I too likewise believe that I have been influenced by multiple streams of iconography, imagery, historical stories and fables, characters and ideas, and have formed my own style of conceptual portraiture - namely, Shychetypes. Each individual portrait is conceived from the answers each 'model' relays to the forty questions I ask them in an interview. I draw upon my own imagination, their experiences, my fantasies, and notions of archetypes to create their own unique Shychetype.

This first Shychetype portrays Chris and Lucy Hall as they are now, at the age of forty in 2018. I hope the potency speaks for itself. 

In their own words:

"About two and a half years ago, I started suffering mental health problems completely out of the blue, which I never had anything close to suffering anything before, and that was very difficult to deal with. Partly because up until then that just wasn't me. Having to admit that I couldn't cope and having to ask for help from friends, families, work... was definitely hard. And it has completely changed mine and our lives."

"For better for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer,' that means something, you have to keep communicating, and you have to keep supporting each other even when everything changes around you. Love is sticking together, no matter what life throws at you... and focus and work on what you have in common... to support your loved one and that's the right thing to do. I'm so glad I did because my husband feels really well supported, he knows how much I love him because i've been there for him through that and we're definitely an even stronger team now than we were before."

So proud that I am launching this on 'World Photography Day'. :-)

Please come and support the exhibition launch at the Holding Space
in Saltaire on Friday, September 7th, 7-9pm. 

See you there. :-)



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Graduation Photos!

Hi all!

Hope you're enjoying the great weather we're having! I do love this time of year, when the days are longer, the temperatures are warmer, and schools/universities are out for summer!

Speaking of which, I just wanted to share this image from a graduation shoot this week! Shot in the comfort of my home studio, I was delighted to capture this auspicious occasion!





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Upcoming Wedding Fayres - 2018!

Hi guys!

I will be exhibiting at the following wedding fayres this year:


Sunday 29th April - 11.30am - 3pm - Steeton Hall Hotel, Station Rd, Keighley, BD20 6RY

Sunday 20th May - 11am - 3pm - Great Victoria Hotel, Bridge St, Bradford, BD1 1JX

Sunday 10th June - 12 - 3.30pm - Holiday Inn Leeds-Bradford, The Pastures, Tong Lane, BD4 0RP

Sunday 9th September - 12 - 3.30pm - Holiday Inn Leeds-Bradford, The Pastures, Tong Lane, BD4 0RP

Sunday 23rd September - 11am -3pm - Victoria Hall, Victoria Road, Saltaire, BD18 3JS

Sunday 30th September - 11.30am - 3pm - Steeton Hall Hotel, Station Rd, Keighley, BD20 6RY


Please come and check out my stall and special offers! I'd be happy to speak to you about your Big Day. :-)




Call Out for 'Forty' Project - models required!

Hi All

I announced a couple of months ago that I was launching a new project based around turning forty years of age. I myself turned forty in February and haveapproached this landmark year with a sense of optimism and curiosity for what lies ahead. :-)

Having worked as a professional photographer for years now, I started exploring 'documentary' projects around three years ago, on the back of which very successful exhibitions were launched in the West Yorkshire area. 

I have taken a year off to focus on commercial work, but am now back with a renewed vigour to approach what will be my biggest project yet. ;-)

My idea is to document forty people who are turning or have just turned forty. I would be curious to explore how turning this age has affected their whole outlook (if at all) and if their paths have taken the direction they expected when they were younger (or not). I would like to do this by taking 'abstract' style portraits in either my home studio or in a venue that will be mutually viable. 

The project will is in collaboration with the fantastic  SprayPrinter who have agreed to launch the project next year by 'spray printing' one (maybe more) of my portraits on an impressive industrial size wall in Estonia, where they are based. This is no mean feat and I am delighted that they have agreed to work with me on this. :-) There is scope for this to go global. SprayPrinter also have a base in Silicon Valley in California, and contacts throughout Europe. I also plan to launch a book with the forty strongest images, and am seeking to acquire grants funding from The Arts Council. 

I would like to put an official call out for people who were born between 1st September 1977 and 31st December 1978 (give or take a week or so). I would like to arrange an hour long interview beforehand with the 'models' so that I can speak to them about my ideas and then arrange a photography shoot. 

If you are interested in being a 'model' then please get in touch via info@shybphotography.co.uk or on 07960 723400. For those of you who have already expressed an interest, please contact me directly, so I can plan a session with you.

As a thank you, you will all receive a 10x8 mounted and signed copy of your portrait. :-)

I very much look forward to working with you all, it is going to be an eye-opening roller-coaster ride of exploration. Having completed the research phase, I am now keen to capture images that will reflect individual truths of being forty years old in 2018. :-)

Thank you.

Shy Burhan