New 'Body Talk' project - call out for participants!


Hi all!

I hope you all had a glorious summer and are settling into autumn's warm embrace. :-)

So September is finally here and as promised, I am releasing details of my Arts Council England funded project 'Body Talk'.

It's the first time that I shall be collaborating with another artist and I am so thrilled to be working alongside the exceptionally talented Bradford based Poet Sharena Lee Satti, on this! As British Asian women, it is a radical act to talk about body image in a public space; as it's often considered taboo. But we decided we're going to do it anyway. :-)

We are looking for 52 women (to represent each week of the year, as we are body positive all year round are we not?), from 18+ years, to submit three words as to why they LOVE their bodies. Opposite of focusing on what we don't like about our bodies, we'll aim to blow the doors of body positivity wide open. :-)

As a female professional photographer, I constantly find myself questioning the role that the media and digital manipulation play in conveying their interpretation of 'beauty'. Indeed, whilst enormously respecting the potential artistry that comes with such software, I feel no shame in expressing a certain responsibility to justly portray a subject in an 'authentic' depiction either. I am equally interested in utilising traditional methods of studio lighting, composition and technical camera direction to explore movement and positivity. Watch this space. ;-)

I will firstly shoot the photography series in my Shipley based home studio from Oct-Dec 2019, and then Sharena will incorporate some of those submitted words into a poetry performance, unlike you've ever seen before! We are both delighted to be launching this collaboration on 30th January 2020 at the fantastic intercultural arts venue, Kala Sangamin Bradford. We cannot thank them enough for accommodating our vision. :-) There will then be a penultimate performance at the one and only Bradford Festival 2020, details to be released soon!

We also welcome non-binary and trans-women to participate, if you identify as a woman then, we would love to work with you. 

I will release details of further partners on this project as it progresses, and extra dates for other events which we shall be dovetailing with. So excited about these also. :-)

Please could you share details about this call out to potential 'models' and of course if you are interested in participating yourself, please contact me directly at or 07960 723400. As stated, to submit an expression of interest, please send three words as to why you LOVE your body. And i'll be in touch shortly after.

Again, thank you from Sharena and I from the bottom of our hearts for your continuing support and we look forward to working with you very soon!


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May I introduce to you....

Mr and Mrs Bedford!

Congratulations to Robbie and Katie who had a ‘Harry Potter’ themed wedding yesterday! They looked absolutely stunning and their friends and families did them proud in the beautiful surroundings of Tong Village in Bradford!

Looking forward to sharing the pictures with them tomorrow, that’s right folks, a 48 hour turnaround for the digital photo images! ;-)

Raise your glasses in wishing this beautiful couple a happy marriage and joyous life together!


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Her name is Asma...

“She remembered who she was and she changed the game.” (Lalah Deliah)

Last week I had the privilege of working with award winning poet, professional basketball player and Adidas Ambassador, Asma Elbadawi.

When we were creating the brief for this shoot, Asma revealed a vulnerability, strength and lyricism about her, that I found most endearing.

She loved the aesthetic of my ‘bohemian’ home so much that we decided that we would use this as the backdrop for her photo shoot. She surely did deliver.

How lucky am I. :-)


Asma Elbadawi, Shipley, UK, June 2019

Asma Elbadawi, Shipley, UK, June 2019

Couples Shoot!

Hi all!

I just wanted to share this fantastic couple’s shoot with you all! A lovely couple, nearly forty years strong, and just as in love with each other now as they were then!

Thank you Richard and Ruth for trusting me with your couple’s shoot, glad you liked it!


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Family Shoot!

I was so thrilled to welcome Stacie and Chris back into the Shy B Photography fold! (They were wedding clients!) Thank you so much guys for bringing the kids along to my home studio and participating in such a fun and engaging shoot! I loved every minute of it!

Enjoy your canvas and prints collection!


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'Forty' - Shychetype No 23 - Banaris Iqbal

I am Banaris. I am Forty. This is Forty.

DOB: 19.08.78

"I've got an eyesight problem, I'm very short-sighted and have other health issues with communication and getting around but I have a lot of good friends who help me out. I want to encourage other young people to do a project like this because it actually encourages people with a disability to say we're not different, we're just like any other human being.

My happiest memory is that I wanted to become a Radio Presenter, and my teacher found an article on BCB Radio and he said there's a three month training programme... I went into BCB in September 1998, did my radio training, carried on as a volunteer, and have been there for over twenty years."


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'Forty' - Shychetype No 17 - Becky Coombes

I am Becky. I am Forty. This is Forty.

DOB: 15.10.78

"I'm happy that I'm here because I shouldn't be, I nearly died through my drug use. I'm happy, I got married, I never thought I'd get married, I never thought I'd find a man, let alone have another child, I bought a house, so grown up, all these grown things that I never thought I'd have with my past.

The UK is where my home is, it's where my family is, it's where I was born and bred, there's no place like home. 

Love is massive, I never thought I'd find the love of my life, love is huge, without the love of my family and friends I wouldn't be here."


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Family Shoot!

Hi all!

I just wanted to share this photo from a pre-Christmas family shoot! It was a delight to welcome back Monica and her family, clients of old from about ten years ago! Thank you so much for visiting my home studio and bringing so much joy and laughter to the shoot!

Enjoy your print collection!




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'Forty' - Shychetype No 11 - Sharon Thandi

I am Sharon. I am forty. This is forty.

DOB: 15.06.78

"The most challenging thing is going through a divorce at the moment, very difficult, very emotional... but as a person i've grown, i'm more confident, I believe in myself a lot more.. it's because of all the support I've received from family and friends... them being able to put a smile on my face without them even realising that that is what they're doing."


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