Winter Wedding in Saltaire!

Hi guys!

Christmas is just around the corner and the festive spirit fills the air!

And it is still business as usual for #shybphotography as the weddings and events season unfolds!

Yesterday I was absolutely delighted to capture the wedding of Duncan and Kerry Milwain! Friends whom I met through my work with The Real Junk Food Project, and co-owners of the sterling Saltaire Canteen, I was thrilled when they asked if I would document their special day! 

What a magical day! It was so lovely to see their family and friends collaborate with the couple to make it as spectacular as it was, but also to see their 'second' family - their beloved church, unite with them and fill their special day with love! Really heartwarming to see. :-)

Thank you guys for inviting me along to capture your wonderful nuptials and to partake in such a memorable occasion! If this picture is anything to go by, I think you will certainly appreciate your collection on your Viewing Day!

Have a fantastic honeymoon (wherever it is Duncan has swept you off your feet!) andI look forward to sharing your images with you when you get back! 



#letthefilterworkitsmagic ;-) #saltaire

#letthefilterworkitsmagic ;-) #saltaire