Call Out for 'Forty' Project - models required!

Hi All

I announced a couple of months ago that I was launching a new project based around turning forty years of age. I myself turned forty in February and haveapproached this landmark year with a sense of optimism and curiosity for what lies ahead. :-)

Having worked as a professional photographer for years now, I started exploring 'documentary' projects around three years ago, on the back of which very successful exhibitions were launched in the West Yorkshire area. 

I have taken a year off to focus on commercial work, but am now back with a renewed vigour to approach what will be my biggest project yet. ;-)

My idea is to document forty people who are turning or have just turned forty. I would be curious to explore how turning this age has affected their whole outlook (if at all) and if their paths have taken the direction they expected when they were younger (or not). I would like to do this by taking 'abstract' style portraits in either my home studio or in a venue that will be mutually viable. 

The project will is in collaboration with the fantastic  SprayPrinter who have agreed to launch the project next year by 'spray printing' one (maybe more) of my portraits on an impressive industrial size wall in Estonia, where they are based. This is no mean feat and I am delighted that they have agreed to work with me on this. :-) There is scope for this to go global. SprayPrinter also have a base in Silicon Valley in California, and contacts throughout Europe. I also plan to launch a book with the forty strongest images, and am seeking to acquire grants funding from The Arts Council. 

I would like to put an official call out for people who were born between 1st September 1977 and 31st December 1978 (give or take a week or so). I would like to arrange an hour long interview beforehand with the 'models' so that I can speak to them about my ideas and then arrange a photography shoot. 

If you are interested in being a 'model' then please get in touch via or on 07960 723400. For those of you who have already expressed an interest, please contact me directly, so I can plan a session with you.

As a thank you, you will all receive a 10x8 mounted and signed copy of your portrait. :-)

I very much look forward to working with you all, it is going to be an eye-opening roller-coaster ride of exploration. Having completed the research phase, I am now keen to capture images that will reflect individual truths of being forty years old in 2018. :-)

Thank you.

Shy Burhan