'Forty' - Shychetype No 5 - Katie Phillips

I am Katie. I am forty. This is forty.

DOB: 26.12.78


It was the mid-point of my second year at uni, that my lecturers realised I was struggling and it was at that point that they sent me for a dyslexia test. I realised it wasn't me not trying hard enough, I had severe dyslexia. I wasn't thick, I had an intelligent IQ, I just couldn't relay it in words in writing.... My happiness with achieving my degree and then my MA was more of a 'I'll show you all, I can do it.' People would go 'oh you're a bit special' in that derogatory term, well actually I want to be 'special', I want to be unique, I'm authentically me.... I see things in patterns, sometimes coloured patterns.

I have a great fascination with Japan...


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