'Forty' - Shychetype No 3 - Emma Bonfield

I am Emma. I am forty. This is forty.

DOB: 30 March 1978

"Giving birth... I was elated because we had waited so long for him. He's an IVF baby so we waited a long time, that's a very nice memory. 

Jesus is my super hero...
Spring is my favourite season of the year...
Taste is my favourite sense because chocolate exists...
My favourite texture is anything furry..." 

"There's a particular visual I've got in my head... Khaleesi from Games of Thrones is the 'Mother of Dragons...' In one episode she's given dragon eggs as a wedding gift... they hatch... 

With yourself, I was thinking about IVF and how eggs are fertilised to make a baby. Also you mentioned Spring and Easter happens around then and we are given chocolate eggs as a gift... Also because Easter is a Christian holiday and that is part of your faith, I feel this would really work well."




Emma Bonfield